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Mary Wood


                    What we do...

Mary Wood Estate and House Sales  evaluates the contents of a home/estate, does necessary research, prices, and sells the entire contents for a Client.  We "stage" the home - by setting up furnishings in ways best suitable to their sale, changing a room's decor, moving items from one place/floor to another, or placing items where they will "show" optimally.  We polish furniture, wash crystal and china, make minor repairs, and generally do whatever is needed, based on years of experience, to enhance the "set up" and sale.  All items are priced individually.   Where sales may be restricted, a different procedure may be used.  For example, sales may be made by appointment, or may entail packing and moving items to another site.  This is only done with the permission of all parties involved. Separate inventories and sales records are kept for the different properties.  Circumstances may require different approaches tailored to a Client's individual needs, but our goal always remains - to protect the Client's interests and achieve their objectives. Our advertising and marketing  includes ads in major newspapers, in relevant local papers, on the Internet, and by email alerts to our mailing list customers. Sales are usually conducted on Friday and Saturday, and our experienced sales associates sell, monitor rooms, and handle crowd control.

Please contact us via email for more information about how our sales are structured and dates we may have available to host a sale for you!